Art & Clay Summer Camp 2013

Every year the fantastic clay artist Katherine Mathisen and myself hold a week-long art camp for children in Maitland. It is always a great time for the kids and so much great art is produced.

I helped the kids create the 2-d projects. We made a watercolor of an elephant and I guided the children through a step-by-step drawing process of the elephant. We created a mixed media still life,  using old pages out of science books, acrylics, oil pastels and rubber stamps. We made Gelli prints and used the prints as the flowers of the mixed media piece.  I assisted Katherine Mathisen in her portion of the clay camp. She expertly showed the children how to make a bust, a bug on a leaf and a decorative heart.

We also made a series of greeting cards. It seems sending and receiving cards is becoming a dying art (thanks to e-mail and the immediacy of the internet) and I asked to keep one of the cards to save as a pen pal kind of project. I’m working with a friend in Australia to see if there is a group of children there that would like to make some cards and start an exchange with my art campers. Keep your fingers crossed that it works out.

Thanks for taking the time to view my blog. It’s been a while since I posted. With the return to the school year, perhaps I can get back to a regular weekly posting. 🙂

View some of Katherine’s awesome claywork:



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