Rainbow Zebras & 4 Year Olds

This year a parent from our Montessori Pre-school asked if I would do some private lessons with their 4 year old daughter.  Their daughter is quite gifted and likes to stay busy, so accepted the task. At this age children like to tell stories and draw from their imagination in their artwork. So I am trying to approach her lessons with that in mind while at the same time teaching her the basics of drawing and using different medias. In teaching her, it made me think back to my first drawings and I realized that I still had one hidden inside an old music book. I had drawn it when I was 4 and I had drawn it inside the first page of the book. Naughty me! I thought that this may be a good lesson for Alexis to try in oil pastel.

My 4 year old self's Rainbow  Zebra's.

My 4 year old self’s Rainbow Zebra’s.

When teaching one-on-one I usually paint/draw along with the student, kind of showing them a step by step process and at the end of the project we have 2 finished pieces. Both usually go home with the student. When we started working I realized how much better Alexis was at drawing and color then I was at 4! I also realized that I still approach art in the same way I did when I was 4. A whimsical central subject and lots of color! So both Alexis and I are still learning. Do you have any of your artwork from when you were 4?

Alexis' Rainbow Zebra

Alexis’ Rainbow Zebra

My Rainbow Zebra!

My Rainbow Zebra!

Pondering the finished product.Pondering the finished product.


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