After School Art- Assemblage!

We just finished a 4 week assemblage project in my after school art class. The children did a fantastic job! I am just amazed with their creativity and imagination. We used mainly repurposed materials. Jewelry that I collected over the years, scrabble tiles and inspiration from the fantastic Lynn Whipple (my old studio pal from McRae Art Studios), corrugated cardboard from my husband’s warehouse and more that I can’t remember to list. Enjoy!

Here is a definition of assemblage;

assemblage –  a collection or gathering of things or people : a wondrous assemblage of noble knights, cruel temptresses,and impossible loves.• a machine or object made of pieces fitted together : some vast assemblage of gears and cogs.• a work of art made by grouping found or unrelated objects.• the action of gathering or fitting things together.

Picasso did quite a few assemblage pieces. Here is a link to an example of one using similar materials;

There are really no rules in assemblage, just the limits of your imagination! You should try one!

To see more of Lynn’s great work:

Website of a great co-op art studio in Winter Park, FL.


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