Mark and Maya outside after Hurricane Frances

Track of TS Issac 8/22/12

I married a Floridian and have lived 25+ in Florida, so I guess I can consider myself one too. As such, I think TS Issac will just bring Central Florida some rain and if it stays in South Florida, blue skies and a balmy wind to the Orlando area. That’s what Hurricane Andrew was for Central Florida. My friends in South Florida were not so lucky.

But the impending visitation of TS/ Hurricane Issac upon us, I can’t help but think of the year 2004. That year we endured 4 hurricanes. The worst of those being Hurricane Charlie, my friend Shellie was trapped in her downtown Orlando neighborhood for a week, without power and with downed trees blocking the entrance in and out of their street. Shellie said it was on of the worst thing she ever experienced. I hope she will post a comment or two to this, she has a wicked sense of humor and is a good writer herself!

Most of my friends were without power for 1 week or more. Our Apopka neighborhood was lucky. My father in-law says, “We live in a holler.” During all 4 hurricanes that year we never really lost power except for Frances,  where we lost power for a day. We were pretty lucky.

Tony Mendoza’s fun cartoon for today!

For the most part Central Floridians don’t really worry about impeding hurricanes. The storms usually lose their punch by the time they reach Orlando. For many it’s an excuse for BBQ and a hurricane party. Some locals do panic and there’s grocery store and Home Depot buying mayhem. Everyone does lots of local news viewing until the power goes out. The good thing about these storms is that friends and family get together and we get to know and help our neighbors. We realize that most people have good/big hearts and just want to help in a bad situation.

If the course of the storm looks like it’s coming my way, I’ll keep you updated as best as possible!

Here’s Tony website. He is a great artist, whom I had the pleasure to get to know during my Florida and Garden Festival stint at Epcot, 2005. Good luck to Tony and my other South Florida friends! Keep us posted!


2 thoughts on “Hurricanes!

  1. Lucy was born in the middle of those hurricanes, between Frances and Jean. I had to have power on at the house in order for my midwives to come. We had it, but not for long. Over the course of those storms we were out of power for 38 days. I don’t miss living out of plastics bins in the back of our car and going from house to house of the people we knew who did have power!

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