Bele Chere

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So every summer it gets very hot in Florida and I always try to book an art show out of state to escape the heat. This year I did the Bele Chere show in Asheville, NC.

Asheville is a very cool town with a wonderful art scene and beautiful mountain surroundings. I would move there in a heartbeat! I knew that they would have an event there called “Air Dogs” where dogs jump into a large pool of water chasing after a ball and compete to see which one can jump the farthest! It is very fun to watch and you can tell that the dogs love it so much! Anyway, I thought by being near this event I would catch a lot of dog lovers into my booth. Unfortunately, if they did come to my booth, they did not have any money to buy art.

Bele Chere is quite a spectacle, with music, art, special street performances, lots of resturants and galleries. There are even holy rollers that come out with signs and loud speakers, preaching what they believe to be the “correct” word of God. If you look at the video below and go to 2:31 you will see the guy that stood about 3 booths down from my booth preaching on Sat. for almost an hour. The man in red is Daniel, a preacher from Myrtle Beach, SC, who was so irrate about what the holy roller man was saying that he stayed and counter preached and prayed to him almost the whole time. I am now a fan of  Daniel. If I were more religious and lived in Myrtle Beach, I would attend his church. This was the strangest part of the show. In addition to this we had winds and rain, college guys running/hopping down the street in blue dresses, a toppless woman,  and a man in a gorilla suit. Whew!

Well, we took Monday and went into the mountains. Hopefully in the future we can return to view the spectacle wtihout being in the middle of it!


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