Maitland Montessori Art Show

I teach art at my daughter’s school and every year in May we have a school wide art show displaying the art created throughout the year by the children. Here are some picture’s from this year’s show. It’s fun to see them grow and get creative! Their parents always look forward to it too and invite relatives and grandparents to come to the show.

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For those interested, I am holding a art and clay summer camp July 9th thru July 13th. I will be at Maitland Montessori School, 8:30 am to 2:30 pm. My friend and great clay artisan, Katherine Mathisen will be helping with the clay portion of the camp. We always plan some fun projects and split the time up nicely between 2d and 3d projects.

Contact me for further details;

Katherine’s awesome website:


2 thoughts on “Maitland Montessori Art Show

  1. Gena, your work only gets more beautiful through the years! I was happy to see that your most precious creation, Maya, has grown into a lovely young lady. Heartwarming really. Keep up the great work. I know those kids are having a great time with you teaching them.

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